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Greetings from London!  It is a grey Monday in London, but I have a reason to be cheerful, and it is all due to the deep and emotional intelligence of Salma Hayek Pinault. So much to share but so little time. I will use bullet points to make it clear and easier.

  • On Women’s Day 2015 at the South Bank Centre  WOW, there was a screening of her film The Prophet.
  • Salma said so many things that will stay with me forever: “Dreams create ripples.” and “If you do not feel the pain of others, then somehow you have been hypnotized to believe that you are not connected to another human’s suffering. “
  • She is always asked what her favorite part of her body is, and she replies “her brain.”
  • She referred to this when answering the question from the founder of Sisters of Frida, a disabled women’s cooperative, “What can disabled women do to help change the plight of women? Salma answered that as long as you have imagination you can do anything.
  • She is a co-founder of Chimes for change.
  • Salma was incredibly humble when I presented her with our signature hat box( noticed I turned it inside out so not to advertise the company) with a beret inside.
    Salma on International Womens Day with an hatbox
    Salma Hayek Pinault on International Women’s Day in London with an hatbox

    I am a changed woman today, not because she is very well known, beautiful, wealthy, etc. but because I am no longer lonely with the pain, which sometimes cripples me, I feel for my fellow earthlings who are suffering unnecessary pain. The knowledge that there are women like Salma who care about the human race as a whole,  without prejudice and who also are thinking “outside of the box,” to make a change inspires me on a personal and professional level.

  • I was touched by her gesture (not the best word to use) to breastfeed a child in Sierra Leone to make the point. We need to share. See the video here. Claudette xoxo
  • On the night Salma Hayek Pinault DailyMail

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