Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world!

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As a young child, I could never decide if I wanted to be a doctor, lawyer or Indian Chief, so life decided for me.  I just fell into most of the different occupations that I have enjoyed for the past 30 years.

Lenore Canter, an Astrologer to the stars in the 80s (Linda Evans from the TV show “Dynasty”) and my NYC real estate agent, told me when I was 19 years old, several key traits that she “saw” in my personality that has never left the periphery of my mind.

They are as follows:

  • I expected, not wished, for opportunities to happen and because I was a “doer,” my “actions” would yield results.
  • The multitalented person always has the dilemma of “which horse to bet on”.
  • For me to be successful, I would need to be organized.

The astrologer also mentioned that I was extremely sensitive to light, which explained why I am attracted to photography, but she was very sure that my work would be in “fashion,” stating quite confidently, that I had a strong connection with unusual fabrics and fashion design.
My immediate reaction was “but I can’t draw!”
Lenore Canter replied, “You are not the only one.” I knew she was referring to her daughter, who was my room and college mate, Nina. We both struggled with our drawing courses at Parsons School of Design. Nina is now a Costume Designer and was a fashion stylist for Cyndi Lauper in the 80s.

I confess, I am still very unorganized.

This website/ blog layout is an attempt to organize my life, to display my handmade hats and my proverbial “hats” in one place. They are all connected and by using the current tools of social media, I expect to be able to share my life’s journey/hat party!

The ‘Welcome to my World’ clip is my first attempt to make a little movie about myself. The main propose of the video was to share my life in London with the Life is a Hat Party students in Nairobi, Kenya.