Hat Designer aka Milliner

Impressed by a hat shop in Amsterdam, I decided to rename my hat boutique in Berlin  “Chapeau”  before relocating to London in 1995.
In the years from 2004 to 2012, I felt the most creative. I produced designs and sold my unique fascinators, unprocessed
felt hats and mini top–hats in Outland Boutique,
off Brick Lane, and selling them to TopShop, ASOS and various boutiques around the world.

The word “milliner” comes from Italy, Milano. The origin of the term is probably the Middle English milener, meaning an inhabitant of the city of Milan or one who deals in items from Milan,[2] known for its fashion and clothing.

I have always been a happy hoarder and have been collecting feathers, pearls and a variety of hat making materials for over 20 years. Some of my most successful designs were byproducts from the leftover hat-making materials. I especially enjoyed up-cycling felt to create “Somethin out of Nuthin” headpieces.
The Life is a hat party workshops were launched during the Brighton Fringe Festival 2014 teaching participants how to design their very own one-off mini-hat creations.

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