The So Sorry I’m Tardy Hat

2189x 843 rainbow wings cloud only

In  2013, I closed the Outland boutique mostly due to family circumstances.
The hat studio moved into my London flat, and I continued to make bespoke hats for clients. During my breaks from hat making, I began taking daily photographs of the clouds from my rooftop in Pimlico. It was during this time that I re-evaluated my life and explored other life philosophies. I started by changing my decision-making process and would only make decisions prioritizing the emotional welfare of my family first and foremost.

I first made the decision to return to Hong Kong to close that part of my business and to relieve a dear friend who continue to store all the materials I used for the TopShop production.

During this trip, I asked a friend, Cassandra Postema, founder of, if she would sketch on top of the cloud images.
We worked together via Skype, to turn my photographs of clouds into an interactive bedtime story  The book “So Sorry I’m Tardy 2” is a short tale of an unborn baby late arrival.

I embraced the work that I was doing to produce an idea without needing any physical materials, and so I happily put on an Author “hat”.

So Sorry I’m Tardy is available as an iBOOK on iTunes in four different languages, thanks to my son, Viktor Baur, my Spanish and French friends and the help of the website

English for Android available on Kindle.