A Periscope Love Letter

In March 2015 a new way of traveling appeared seemingly out of nowhere in the form of an app called Periscope. Even though it was not the first live streaming app, it developed organically and survived the competition. Bloggers, freelance journalist, grandmothers, healers, housewives, entrepreneurs, and a few naughty people embraced the core ethos of the app, which was Immediate Teleportation. This book is a love letter from the Twitter handle LifeisaHATparty to the people who touched her days, and late nights as viewers and broadcasters. The book does not really tell Periscopers anything that they don’t already know about the magic of Periscoping. It is hoped that the impressions shared in this book will perhaps help friends, family, and loved ones of Periscopers better understand their obsession with this app that changed the world.