Sharing all my Secrets

Yes, it is true. I will be sharing all my hat making and hat designing secrets. The process that has evolved in over 30 years due to my life experiences. My obsession with unusual materials and fabrics and my love of people’s faces. I truly believe that there is a hat that looks good on every one. It is just a matter of appreciating the uniqueness of a person’s face and designing a headwear that compliments them.

I must confess that I was inspired by the Masterclass videos and the classes that they are offering. I had quite frankly previously avoided the idea of a digital class. But once I decided to customize my classes for each student and to teach them “my mindset” as a hat designer, I became truly excited  about sharing my experiences. You see, I actually feel it is my duty to share my designing experience that I gained starting in the years before the digital age to now.

It was also the reality of my mother entering Stage 6 Alzheimer’s that made me realize that I would not be able to so easily continue with my previous way of working. It is funny how life throws you a curveball that forces you to make changes in your life that you would have never made if you were not forced to make them.

In retrospect, I realized that my hat life story was quite rich and that it could be valuable to someone who is thinking about creating headwear for a living.

I value the years that I spent as a hat boutique owner in two countries as much as much I value selling hats from craft fairs and market stalls to an international clientele. I know the attention to details that is needed to organize the delivery to large companies from Japan to Hemel Hempstead and how to be attentive to a bride’s vision of her headdress on her wedding day.