The Benji Hat that GIVES back

This is the hat that gives back.  The Benji Hat, first created by a teenage Kenyan student, age 13 at the time, Benji, who attended the Life is a Hat Party workshop in December 2015. The charity Friends of Shangilia of Lund Sweden  asked my filmmaker friend and I if…Read More

All we need is Love, love. Love is all we need. No matter what problems we have with each other, I want to ask you this: “What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding?” The feelings of love are very healing. Very rarely when we are falling in love do…Read More

The So Sorry I’m Tardy Hat

In  2013, I closed the Outland boutique mostly due to family circumstances. The hat studio moved into my London flat, and I continued to make bespoke hats for clients. During my breaks from hat making, I began taking daily photographs of the clouds from my rooftop in Pimlico. It was…Read More

Life is a HAT party WORKSHOPS

Bespoke Fascinator & Mini-Hat Design Parties Chapeau Claudette, known for her creative and unique head wear will host tailor-made headdress/ hat and fascinator design parties at a venue of your choice or in her Pimlico studio. Claudette, with over 20 years experience as a milliner, will assist and teach you…Read More

Hat Designer aka Milliner

Impressed by a hat shop in Amsterdam, I decided to rename my hat boutique in Berlin  “Chapeau”  before relocating to London in 1995. In the years from 2004 to 2012, I felt the most creative. I produced designs and sold my unique fascinators, unprocessed felt hats and mini top–hats in…Read More


More about that later, or shall we have lunch and I will show you proof that I am  a reincarnation of an outlandish character that lived during Voltaire’s time. He was obsessed with hats as well.

An emotional post

Greetings from London!  It is a grey Monday in London, but I have a reason to be cheerful, and it is all due to the deep and emotional intelligence of Salma Hayek Pinault. So much to share but so little time. I will use bullet points to make it clear…Read More